HCiA009: Aimee and Clint from Primal Influence talk about simplifying life and listening to your body

Aimee and Clint from Primal InfluenceAimee and Clint from Primal Influence are my guests today. We start with Aimee’s story of continual health problems growing up and a stress fracture to her back in her late teens. Despite a slow recovery from this injury, she hurt her back again and was diagnosed with a prolapsed disc one year later. To make matters worse she suffered Barmah Forest virus at the same time which made for a long and slow recovery. This injury meant she had to give up tennis, a game she loved and she remembers feeling very low at the time.

Clint and Aimee met online and shared an interest in personal training (by this stage Clint had been through his weight loss transformation – see his story in link below). Together they became educated about food and inflammatory foods. They gave up the packaged Gluten Free and returned to simple real food, following Paleo principles.

Their interest in primal eating led them to begin trialling new methods of moving too, just as our ancestors did – functional simple movements that were fun and improved strength. Clint encourages us to learn how to get up and down from the floor without using out hands – try it! – it is not easy and requires you to really switch on the brain while co-ordinating the body.

Their journey has been very enlightening but they both say simply living has been the key. They say by listening to your body and addressing all aspects of your life, you can achieve overall optimal wellness. Since helping others they both realise that little achievements in people are what they love hearing about or watching. They get joy from knowing that they have helped someone figure out they can do it (whatever that might be to that person). And Aimee will be happy if we all start having bone broth, so keep your eye out for her new eBook on that!

To listen to Clint’s story as told on The Abnormal Psychologist podcast listen here.

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Aimee and Clint have an upcoming Paleo Camping Retreat if you are in the area, find out more here.

And Aimee recommended you follow along also with their mate Daniel, the Aussie Paleo Chef.



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