HCiA008: Wendy Crawford: Building a routine to manage pain and help heal others through the power of work

Today’s guest is Wendy Crawford. She shares her inspiring story about managing her own pain but also how she helps others by giving them the opportunity to get back into the workforce.

Wendy Crawford

Wendy Crawford

Wendy has battled a number of chronic pain symptoms for many years including muscle pain without any formal diagnosis. Sick and tired of chasing a medical explanation, she decided to start managing her own pain. Wendy has a strict daily routine which allows her to run her own business from home. She uses rest, light exercises and enjoying painting to help manage her pain. In 1999, she started a business working with supported employment agencies to help people with disabilities enter the workforce doing basic cleaning jobs. This business has now grown and now operates in Victoria and Tasmania and has helped many people feel empowered with the security that mainstream wages can provide.

Even though Wendy is now wheelchair bound, we talked about how chronic pain can be “invisible”. She believes pain is a private thing and still attracts some stigma when people have no understanding of what it is like to live with chronic pain. An important part of managing her pain was the decision to take charge of her own health, to not give up and stay educated.

Wendy plan to sell her business and retire in 2017, so please get in touch with her if you would like more information.




Email: wendy@peopleworks.com.au

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  1. Marco Castillo | July 19, 2015 at 11:59 am | Reply

    Hi Wendy,

    Congratulations my dear friend, you’re living proof that anything can be achieved through hard work and dedication. At times is not easy to manage pain and at times I wonder how hard it must be for you even getting up every morning some times.

    Keep up the Good Work My Dear !!! You are just exceptional.

    Marco Castillo

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