HCiA004: Jeff Stapleton and Jillian Halligan talk Tissue Tolerance – PART 2

We got so excited talking to Jeff and Jillian that we lost track of time so we have split their interview into 2 episodes. Join us for Part 2 as we discuss holistic approaches to dealing with injuries and get more wisdom from these two amazing experts in the field of tissue tolerance.

Topic: Continuing with the activities we love by building up tissue tolerance

 00:55 What about the possible fear of movement in clients?— Jill: Always educate, See how you and your body feels after training, Let your body tell you how it feels. Jeff—Fear- False Expectations Appearing Real. Fear paralyzes any positive action. Have a strong foundation, the rest of the body will follow

06:30 Taking a Holistic Approach to Get Better: Jeff- Many health practitioners are creating “crutches” for people with products or solutions that people become dependent on. Find medical professionals who aren’t looking for repeat appointments. Treating imbalances naturally (hormone, mineral, etc.). Jillian—Some tips for holistic approach include nutrition therapy, anti-inflammatory foods, help body flush toxins, Get sleep and stay hydrated! Overall, provide knowledge and help build confidence

16:48 No Quick Fix: We ask Jeff and Jillian how they encourage people to wrap their heads around the fact that this whole process will take work and effort. Jeff—Humans are lazy—want a quick, easy fix. Lots of excuses for things that require work and focus. Many set themselves up to fail but you need a “No excuses” approach. Jillian—She aims to educate every step of the way. People love to accomplish things and learn so its worth highlighting a persons successes. Help set goals, build self confidence.

Taken at a recent workout with Carole, Jeff Stapleton is a dedicated and passionate coach!


Contact Jeff on his website http://www.naturalrunning.ca/

or by email at: coach@naturalrunning.ca

Contact Jillian on her website http://jillianhalligan.ca/

or by email at: jillianhalliganstrengthcoach@hotmail.ca

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