HCiA003: Jeff Stapleton and Jillian Halligan talk Tissue Tolerance – PART 1

Join Mandy Mercuri and Carole Staveley as they talk to special guests Jeff Stapleton and Jillian Halligan, who are both exercise physiologists, about tissue tolerance and training the body for any and all sport types in this first podcast of a series of two podcast episodes.

Intro by Carole and Mandy – Meeting Jillian: Jillian helped Carole understand the importance of a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to managing pain. There is a lot more to pain, than just creating an exercise plan or popping pain pills. Todays topic is Tissue Tolerance: Building your body’s tolerance/ability to handle repetitive forces for the activities you want to perform. (Sports, etc). Meeting Jeff: He looks at things differently, focuses on running muscles, and running injury free. Practices Barefoot Running

04:35 Pacing Your Muscles: Mandy comments that idea is similar to what she calls Pacing – Starting slow and building slowly up

05:18 Is there hope for people who are sidelined by injury?: Jillian—Discovery comes with understanding your body’s history; of your injuries and of your training experience, and from there knowing where you want to go. Knowing where you want to start is critical on your journey. Only a little bit of change is required to make a big difference. (10:36) Jeff: Want to reach a state of functionality and we need more focus on feet because everything starts from the feet. If the feet aren’t engaged, then your body can’t follow suit

14:30: Training Sport Specific Muscles or the Whole Body? Jillian—Olympic Weight Lifting background and this can help the central nervous system. Jeff – Focuses on training around a specific sport. Important to engage full body initially, but move on to sport specific training.

Taken after our interview, we loved the enthusiastic cooing noises he added to his mum's interview!

Taken after our interview, we loved the enthusiastic cooing noises he added to his mum’s interview!

Contact Jeff on his website http://www.naturalrunning.ca/

or by email at: coach@naturalrunning.ca

Contact Jillian on her website http://jillianhalligan.ca/

or by email at: jillianhalliganstrengthcoach@hotmail.ca

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