HCiA002: Accept and take hold of pain with Mandy Mercuri

In this episode you’ll get to hear Mandy Mercuri and Carole Staveley discuss Mandy’s journey and struggles as she learned how to cope with being diagnosed with Scoliosis as a young girl, and dealing with the pain that came from her corrective surgeries. Pain management is a process that anyone can achieve.


01:40—Mandy’s Background: Youngest of 5 kids, diagnosed with Scoliosis, Spine in a “S” shape, side to side, multiple surgeries, corrective footwear, casts, etc. Ongoing pain.

07:39—Life with Pain: Became accustomed to pain, didn’t let it stop me, ignored pain. Always in the background, don’t go away.

09:30—Looking Back: Didn’t read the signs and just pretended to be fine. Pushed through pain, used pain killers. Avoided situations where people would ask questions.

10:39—Life Continues: Pregnancy and specialists. Being a new mother came with various strains and challenges, then became consumed with pain. Hormones changing and became very emotional.

14:48—Darkest Place: Felt like a bad mother and a burden and that I was letting people down. But I knew something had to change.

16:10—Trigger to Get Help: Conversation with husband, realized that negative emotions were also affecting him. Wasn’t fair, something needed to change for the better

18:19—Pain Management Clinic: 3 week course where I came off all pain meds. Went into it with a good mind set and with a long term goal to have another baby

20:30—Emotionally Significant Goals: Find your own “IRONMAN®”, like Carole did

21:00—Key Strategies to Manage Pain: Daily strategies include stretches, meditation, not sitting for too long, being aware of thoughts and of posture, creating reminders and pacing—not over doing it and taking breaks as needed

23:40—Chain Reaction with Pain: Understanding more about impacts of pain. Previous approach was rest = deconditioning muscles, which causes more pain. With pain stress response kicks in—fight or flight, shuts down body, doesn’t allow it to heal.

26:36—Key Messages for Others and Advice: “Pain is Inevitable, suffering is optional”. There is so much is within your control. No magic cure or pill. You need to take responsibility for your life and body, take your power back. Diet is key with overall lifestyle change. “I can avoid suffering and I can deal with pain”. You have options and there is hope!

Inspired to set a good examples for her girls, Mandy self manages her pain daily.

Inspired to set a good examples for her girls, Mandy self manages her pain daily.

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