HCiA001: Be your own IRONMAN with Carole Staveley

Listen in as Mandy Mercuri and Carole Staveley discuss Carole’s 13 year journey to finding a diagnosis for her pain while asking the right questions, meeting the right health and exercise professionals, and achieving her ultimate goal: crossing the finish line of an IRONMAN® Triathlon.


 00:57—Carole’s Story/Background: Chronic Mayofascial Pain Syndrome/Fibromyalgia

In constant pain/constantly stiff

02:25—First Injury: Muscle tear in hip

03:35—After Injury: Started with walk-in clinics, and various doctors

04:45—Dealing with Pain: Started getting depressed, letting pain weigh down on self

 05:35—Impacts of Condition: Not being able to carry or lift anything large or heavy, at constant risk of new injuries and muscle tears. Have to be extra careful and protective about body.

06:30—Moment of Change: “Wake up call” moment came when dealing with infertility. Needed to pick the right doctor, and asking specific questions. realised your health journey is up to you!

08:32—Meeting Exercise Physiologist: Looked at things differently – a multi-disciplinary approach.

No quick fix—no magic solution but takes time and effort. Lots of hard work and dedication are required

11:15—Achieving Your Goals: Work within an achievable time frame, Exciting to have a goal/reason to keep going.

11:58—Training Regime: 60-90 minutes per day but body still wasn’t ready. Wasn’t engaging body to be ready to compete

13:40—Pain Before and After: Moving is good. Get lower “bad” pain feelings, and enjoy the “good” pain. If you set a goal that you think might be reasonable, you might learn something along the way and surprise yourself!

15:00—Crossing the Finish Line: Win your race, not the whole race

15:50—Setting New, Larger Goals IRONMAN® Triathlon: 3800 KM Swim, 180 KM Bike Ride, 42.2 KM Run (Full Marathon)….All you can do is try because uou don’t know if you don’t try

17:48—Crossing the IRONMAN® Finish Line: Feeling of elation, 15 hour ordeal, Life changing

18:48—Pick Your Own “IRONMAN®”: Any unlikely achievement is a personal statement so be your own IRONMAN and cross your finish line.

21:00—Support Network: Never questioning your goals, Always supportive and never doubting.

Find your true supporters and surround yourself with them. Share your challenge with your social network

23:50—If you Had a Time Machine: Years of pain were a gift in the long run, Set right expectations

Find your solutions and find the best health professionals. Do your own research about injury(s) and ssk more questions. Don’t let go, don’t give up

26:00—Dealing with Chronic Pain: You are your own chief problem solver, Don’t expect for someone to give you the exact answer, It’s a process.

27:25—What’s Next?: Meeting new health professionals and helping others

Crossing the line in her amazing IRONMAN event - elated!

Crossing the line in her amazing IRONMAN event – elated!


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Not Lying Down – How I Conquered Years of Pain to Triumph at the Finish Line

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